Easy Power Developed Solar Hybrid Systems and Customized Solutions

​Solar Hybrid Systems and Customised Solutions

EASY POWER’s know – how and long-time experience offered the opportunity to design and develop special Hybrid Systems for power production, which are being assembled on transformed Ship Containers of 10’ – 20’ and 40’ and consist of high performance PV panels that are placed on the specially designed rolling roof tops advanced battery storage system, Hybrid Inverters, diesel generators or fuel cells, fuel/hydrogen tanks and the in house developed Software (EASY EMS), that controls, corrects and gives the possibility of remote management of the unit.

Every compact unit can be transferred as a simple container, be installed and operate in 20 minutes, whereas it can ensure uninterrupted electricity supply (24/7), to settlements, pumping stations, schools, clinics, retransmission stations etc., in off-grid areas of the planet, where people suffer from lack of water, food, education and primary health care.

Autonomous/Hybrid Units offer their services for 18 months now, in off-grid areas, with excellent results, since they do not only provide daily dozens or hundreds of KWh to those using it, but also achieve reduction of oil consumption up to 85% - in comparison to previous hybrid systems that were using solar with lead acid batteries and diesel generators.

Important role in the operation of our System is EasyPower developed Energy Management System  (EASY EMS) software, that take cares through embedded parameters of Self-control, Self-correction, Self-education and Remote Monitoring to ensure full autonomy and ideal operation of our Units.

For the study, design, specifications and the development of Autonomous/Hybrid Units, Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation has awarded us with Patents license.

Main Benefits of Easy Power Customised Solar Hybrid Systems: