The company


EASY POWER S.A. was founded in February the 1st of 2007


Main aim of Easy Power is the investments in RenewableEnergy Sources but also the study, design and development of innovative  products and services, targeting electricity cost reduction for the consumersbut also for softness or elimination of the energy footprint in buildings andinfrastructures.   

The company has also developed and manufactured,Autonomous/Hybrid Systems for electric power production, aiming theirdeployment mainly in the areas of the world that have no access in the electricgrid. Specific systems have already been successfully installed tested and inoperation by Armed Forces.

For the implementation of all the above the companyhas set a complete mechanism of recording, analyzing, studying, designing,equipment supplying, manufacturing, maintaining and management of each projectthat undertakes.


The company invested in a frame of international cooperation’s,suppliers, scientific bodies and workshops of innovative technologies in orderto develop its own Hybrid systems that consist of: most efficient solar panels,advanced technology batteries, diesel generators or Fuel Cells and a specially developed software platform (Easy EMS) for the autonomous operation of the Hybrid units, its remote control and recording.