The Company

Established in 2007, EasyPower SA is a premier energy technology firm that specializes in designing, developing, and deploying custom solar hybrid systems.


With over a decade of experience, EasyPower SA has become a trusted leader in the industry, known for its focus on innovation and sustainability. The company's expertise lies in ingeniously integrating autonomous hybrid power units into shipping containers, providing efficient and portable energy solutions for various applications in both civilian and defence sectors. 

Holding an international patent from the Industrial Property Organization, EasyPower SA has garnered recognition and trust from clients worldwide. Headquartered in Athens, Greece, the company is dedicated to renewable energy initiatives, including investment in renewable energy sources and the research, design, and development of innovative products and services that harness the power of solar energy and storage.

 With a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability, EasyPower SA is at the forefront of revolutionizing the energy sector and accelerating the transition to a greener future.