Design and Installation of Hybrid Powered EV Charging station


Easy Power completed the Design and Installation of the first Hybrid Electric Vehicle charging station in the Athens-Lamia motorway Service Station Malakasa "Seirios"

Easy Power S.A, on behalf of Nea Odos S.A., Completed the Study, Design and Installation of one of the world's most advanced Solar-Hybrid powered EV charging Station with a total power of 486kW capable to produce green energy to charge 30.000 electric vehicles per year.

More specifically the Hybrid Station consists of the following:

  • Total of 4 x 100kW max power EV Chargers with 2 plugs each capable of parallel charging 2 vehicles (60kW per Vehicle)
  • One of the very few fast charging stations in the world that offer fast charging directly from the Solar panels to the chargers improving efficiency by more than 10%
  • Each side consists of 243kW of Solar panels capable of supporting the EV Charging needs as well as providing power to the Service Station
  • Custom-designed and built P.V. panels support system, providing both shadow to the parking area and power production
  • Specially developed Energy Management System to control D.C and A.C. power injection
  • Hybrid inverters that can absorb power from the grid when it is needed and operate in tandem with a high voltage battery storage system (BESS)