EASY POWER S.A. Wins first prize at the Energy Storage Awards in London

"For the design and implementation of innovative technology for the production and storage of solar energy, for the purpose of rapid charging of electric cars"

The first example of this technology is the hybrid fast charging station for electric cars installed at the Motorist Service Station of Malakasa (Sirios), 50km from the centre of Athens.

The project is a Global Innovation in the RES sector and consolidates the company's leadership position.

Athens, 01.11.2023

         Easy Power S.A., a pioneer technology company in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), won the first prize in the category Hybrid Energy Storage Project of the Year in the international competition Energy Storage Awards in a special ceremony held a few days ago in London.

        The award concerns the design and development of innovative technology for the production, battery storage and management of solar energy, which aims at the maximum exploitation of solar energy for the fast charging of E.V.'s, which, among other things, ensures an increase in the efficiency of the charging system by 12 -20%.

        An equally important parameter is that the design of the particular fast charging station enables the excess solar energy not in use by fast chargers to be channelled into the self-consumption of the carrier's infrastructure connected to the same meter, operating at the same time, either as a Net Metering or as a Zero Feed-In.

       The Hybrid Energy Storage Project of the Year award is a global recognition of the innovative solar energy management and battery storage solution introduced by Easy Power S.A. in the E.V.'s fast charging stations.

        It is worth mentioning that the company was shortlisted in the same tender process with the same developed technology in the category "Breakthrough R&D/Innovation of the Year".

         The Energy Storage Awards were organized for the 1st time this year by the British Solar Media group in London, with the participation of hundreds of companies in the renewable energy, storage, electromobility and hydrogen sectors from all over Europe, a sample of the enormous effort made to achieving the E.U.'s Green Growth targets and achieving a Zero Environmental Footprint by 2050.

        Mr. Savouris Nikolaos, Vice President of Easy Power S.A., after receiving the award, said: "We estimate that if EASY's Innovative Solar Energy Production, Storage and Management System Architecture is adopted throughout Europe by 2050 in Hybrid Charging Stations, it would be possible to save electricity, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of all of Norway".

       The solar hybrid electric vehicle charging system developed by Easy Power S.A. can operate autonomously or in areas without access to the grid (off-grid) or during blackouts.

       This highly specialized technology ensures an uninterrupted supply of Green electricity to the recharging stations and to the operator's infrastructure and facilities, optimizing the production and management of RES to the maximum and setting a new standard for Sustainable Energy and Electric Vehicle Charging, strengthening the commitment of Easy Power S.A. for a Green Future.

"The project at Motorist Service Station in Malakasa (Seirios) developed in the context of the cooperation with the GEK-TERNA group, NEA ODOS S.A. and the Italian company E2C, that designed special cutting-edge hybrid converters."

  • Delivery of the Award to Vice President Nikos Savouris and Technical Officer Lefteris Petrou

  • Delivery of the Award to Vice President Nikos Savouris and Technical Officer Lefteris Petrou

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  • Easy Power's Vice President Nikos Savouris award ceremony Interview

  • Easy Power's Vice President Mr. Savouris Nikos award ceremony interview

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