Net Zero Energy & Carbon Emissions Airports and Building Infrastructures


Airports and Building Infrastructure

Taking as granted the fact that from 35,6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases produced annually on Earth, the activities that can effectively nullify their off-gases by 2050, is the production of electricity (27,50%), industry (22,20%) and housing and commercial activities (12.10%), it was decided to develop and improve our know-how, contributing to the needs and target of global community for 2050.

So, after studies, analysis, and designs, we developed know-how platforms and we formed techno-economic models to be able to help Public Sectors, enterprises, institutions, and organizations to reduce or eliminate the environmental footprint of their buildings and their installations on the one hand and on the other hand to make their investment payback period in less than 7-8 years.

The implementation of our model starts with the recording and analysis of heat loss in buildings, electrical loads-consumption and fossil fuel consumption (for heat and movement of vehicles within the premises). Then it moves to studies and plans for the appropriate interventions in buildings, the replacement of burners with respective heat pumps, covers the needs of transportation with electric vehicles and finally the energy production needed for consumption which will be supplied 100% from the energy produced from the PV installations that will be placed within the infrastructure.


Target is:

To net the consumed energy with the energy produced from RES and to ensure that the certification of the specific installations as NET ZERO ENERGY & CARBON EMISSIONS will be achieved. This is a very important international recognition, having as granted the commitment that this certification should be achieved by every building infrastructure and installation in Europe by 2050!

The studies and designs and the implementation of our model can be applied in any building infrastructure or installation (airports, settlements, university camps, industries, etc.). Meanwhile, we estimate that within the next 9 months we are going to complete the first airport that will have the ability to get a certification as a Net Zero Energy and Carbon Footprint (NET ZERO ENERGY & CARBON EMISSIONS)!

Therefore our company allows public sector and private enterprises to be able to achieve the goals of 2050 in their infrastructure, three decades earlier with the best possible way (most efficient and cheapest), since the investment payback period can be in less than 7-8 years in the installations that are located in South Europe.